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US Army looking into unmanned medevac, medical resupply

Although a fully-equipped medical evacuation aircraft with a trained crew and pilot will likely always be the best option to get a wounded Soldier off the battlefield, the Army is looking at unmanned aerial systems as a possible “plan B” for when that ideal isn’t possible. “There’s really a lot of opportunity to be gained

US Army looking at the next generation of combat vehicles

Soldiers today move about in and conduct combat operations from, among other things, the Stryker, the Bradley, or the Abrams tank. But the Army has started work now to determine what will take Soldiers to the fight in 2035 and beyond. The Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, Georgia, provisionally stood up a cross-functional

Revised doctrine prepares US Soldiers for changing global threats

An increased emphasis on large-scale ground combat and a greater focus on cybersecurity during combat operations are among key changes in the Army’s updated Field Manual 3-0, Operations, released today. America’s potential enemies now have capabilities greater than what Soldiers faced from insurgents in the Middle East. Threats from near-peer adversaries today include the infiltration

US Soldiers demonstrate power and lethality in field artillery exercise

ORO GRANDE RANGE, N.M.: Power. Power and lethality are what artillery crewmen assigned to M777 howitzers feel every time they pull the cord to send a round up to 15 miles downrange. Every outgoing shot feels like a shockwave, and the boom is deafening. Nerve. Nerve and precision are needed when standing beneath the spinning