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BBC news for Middlesex

Terror arrest near Houses of Parliament

A man carrying knives is wrestled to the ground by armed police in an "intelligence-led" operation.

Elizabeth Hart-Browne cleared of murdering boyfriend

The trial heard Elizabeth Hart-Browne cried "I have just killed the man I love" after stabbing Stephen Rayner.

Museum of the Year: Tate Modern to race horse museum for £100,000 prize

Tate Modern and a horseracing heritage centre are in the running to be named UK Museum of the Year.

Jubilee Line Tube bomb 'designed to cause harm'

An explosives expert said the device was intended to explode and hit people nearby with metal fragments.

Live BBC World News

Syria war: Israel Patriot missile downs 'target' over Golan

The intercept came hours after Israel reportedly launched a missile at a military site near Damascus.

Passenger dragged off United Airlines plane wins settlement

Dr David Dao will be paid an undisclosed sum after being violently dragged off a United flight.

Trump 'backs down' in new short-term spending bill

Congress is set to vote on a short-term spending bill to avert a government shutdown for one week.

Macedonia parliament stormed by protesters in Skopje

Fights broke out after an ethnic Albanian was elected as parliamentary speaker.